About us

Who is Emergency & Camping Essentials?

Emergency & Camping Essentials began when we started to prepare ourselves & our family in the case of an emergency or sudden crisis. We have spent many hours researching the occurrence of diversified natural disturbances and how they are increasing in both numbers and severity around the globe.

While gathering this information to survive any of these situations, we recognized the need to share our knowledge of preparedness concerning food resources, safe drinking water, temporary shelter, durable clothing, and outdoor tools and equipment…just to list a few of the essentials needed to cope with an emergency.

Based on our desire to help as many as we can to prepare themselves for an unseen event, we formed the local, family owned and operated company we call Emergency & Camping Essentials.

Mission Statement

To provide you and your family with peace of mind during any crisis that may interrupt your daily living.

Vision Statement

Is growth through continually providing the most reliable top quality products available at affordable prices.


We will not offer any product to you or your family that we would not use ourselves.

ken and kathy daubI’m Dr. Kenn Daub. My wife Kathy and I are owners of Emergency & Camping Essentials and would like to welcome you to our website.

We are family owned and operated. Our primary goal is to educate you and your family to be prepared for any unexpected incident that may interrupt your normal every day living. We want to help your family be prepared in a time of emergency, to be self sustaining and have peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

Our business is mobile. We can bring our products to you for inspection and/or demonstration. Whether you are a church group, a civic organization, small business or simply a family group that would like to be educated about the facts of being prepared for any emergency or personal crisis.